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Behance Network

It was a few years ago that I had problems with Adobe’s Elements 9 program. I was flustered and decided to vent about it on my wordpress blog. I couldn’t believe what I saw soon after, that a really nice lady came on from @Adobe_Care that helped me through my issue, and made things right in my little world 🙂

I promised to myself that when things were right, I would be sure to keep Adobe in mind when purchasing any more photo editing tools. Well I happened to do that this past year when they offered the package deal that included Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, and access to the Behance Network (Which is now my host) and many other perks they offered with the super low cost of around $10 a month.

Thanks Adobe for that gesture that went a long ways to make a user like me happy. And big Kudo’s to the lady that helped me from @Adobe_Care. The “Care” part is what kept me as a customer…




I had put this blog to one side for quite a while as I had used the built in blog that with my host Squarespace. They have been a really good host and the cost was very reasonable for the few years I had been with them. I did in fact change over to using Adobe’s Behance Network for my host now, as it came with the package deal that was on for a short time for about $10 a month. It included Adobe Photoshop CC,  Lightroom 5, and access to build a portfolio and Pro-site that I could point my domain at.

What’s nice about the new website I have through Adobe, is it has a link to this WordPress Blog Site, and hopefully it will be fairly seamless between the two 🙂

I do have more great things to say about Adobe in another post I’ll write about soon 🙂 Stay tuned!!

@Adobe_Care came through for me :) Huge thanks!!

I posted a little while back on here about some problems I was having with PSE9 for iMac, and Adobe Customer Service actually took the time and contacted me, helping sort through the issue at hand. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the fine person in Customer Service that helped 🙂 (I would post her name, but I’m not sure if I should in a public forum :)) From this gesture, I will certainly buy/upgrade in the future from Adobe…! Cheers to a great team 🙂