Life lessons :)

Friendships do actually happen for a reason, season, or a lifetime like the saying goes. Sure it may be sad when you think friends from over the years would be in it for a lifetime but turn into a reason or a season instead, but hey, we need to get past it and move on. You’ve most likely had your fun times, bad times, and all the times in between but always remember the lesson learned from that particular person. Social media seems to help categorize people that way too, whether it be long lost friends, old friends, new friends or just the aquaintances you have met along the way. They all mean something and have had a good reason to be in your life.

Being an photo nut, I have taken many images over the years of events, parties, business, trips, get-togethers with friends and family etc, and for me the memories of these people will never die, they just take me right back at that moment to remind me of all the fun times I had along lifes pathway..! Each and every person had a reason they were in your life. Give yourself permission to allow change, embrace it even, and then move on and open your hearts to meeting new people! Be happy and thankful for the time spent getting to know a person, whether it was a reason, season or a lifetime!!

Keep smiling and learn, always 😀


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